Christian Calendar 2009 for Free with Bible verses

How to make a simple Homemade Christian Calendar for 2009 with Bible verses:

If you wish to make this simple printable homemade calendar 2009 for yourself or your friends, you can download this Free Printable Homemade Calendar 2009 Templates. There are 2 versions: 1 with Singapore Public Holidays printed, 1 without any Public Holidays indicated.

1) Download the picture below:
- Put your cursor on the picture
- Right Click your mouse
- Saved the .jpg picture into your computer

Use a Word Processor (such as MicroSoft Word) to print out this picture.

2) Download this Date file if you are in Singapore as it has all the Singapore Public Holidays : Calendar 2009 Dates with Singapore Public Holidays.pdf

Download this Date file if the Calendar is to be used outside of Singapore: Calendar 2009 Dates.pdf

3. Open the file "Calendar 2009 Dates with Singapore Public Holidays.pdf" or "Calendar 2009 Dates.pdf" and print all the 3 pages.

4. Fold the pages into half.

5. Use a pen knife to cut and then fold the pages into half again.

6. Use the pen knife to cut again and arrange all the months accordingly.

7. Staple on top of the dates at a few places to keep them together.

8. Put double-sided scotch tape behind the dates and then stick it to the bottom of the Picture.


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